Selected Lectures on Science and Engineering
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The main -- though certainly not the only -- purpose of this list is to convey a sense of the driving issues in contemporary science and technology through a schedule of talks in this area about these issues.   From time to time I include talks outside this focus that seem likely to be of interest to the technical community.

Caveats: The list is not remotely comprehensive and selection criteria are subjective.  Courses, exhibits, and networking meetups with no special focus are not well handled.  I tend to list events that offer a physical speaker and accommodate physical attendance.  Activity falls considerably over the summer and winter holidays.

Most critically:  This is a highly volatile landscape.  Important details change at the last minute.  Some events have limited seating and get sold out.  There is no way I can stay on top of these changes.  Plus I make the occasional error myself (word of which I would be immensely grateful to receive).  For all of these reasons I strongly urge you to doublecheck the "Details" link before you head out.

There are two routes to this list: a website and a mailing list.  The website carries events for the next month (roughly).  I add to it several times a week.  The list goes out once a week, usually Sunday nights, and carries events for the next eight days.  You can subscribe here.  And unsubscribe here.  (I advise against using an AOL address.)

Blue boxes represent events advertised as child-friendly; yellow boxes, multi-day events.  I occasionally link to the site of the speaker's lab.  Researchers often see these sites as their preferred medium of communication with the public and put a lot of work into them.  They can carry exceptionally well-posed statements of current issues.

If you see an event that you think I should know about but is not on the website please let me know.  Ditto if you know of a site I ought to be monitoring but does not appear on my list of sources.

I would appreciate your mentioning this list to people with compatible interests.

-- Fred Hapgood

Last update: 29.2057

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Selected Groups, Clubs, Societies, & Meetups
Selected New England Museums
DIY-focused organizations & resources

Wednesday, October 29

8 - 5p.  "Translating Neural Circuits and Pathways into Treatment."   A symposium.   HMS:  Joseph B. Martin Conference Center, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur.   Details, Registration.*

Noon.  "Contrasting Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease: Studies of the Transcriptome, Regulome and Proteome."   Richard Myers.   BU:  Center for Systems Neuroscience, 24 Cummington Street, Room B01.   Details.

Noon.  "Rewards, Visual Cortex and Ventral Midbrain: what's the connection?"   Wim Vanduffel.   Martinos Center:  149 13th St, Rm 2204, Charlestown Navy Yard.   Details, Summary.

3:45 - 5p.  "The Tectonic Context of Neoproterozoic Glaciation and Long Term Climate Change."   Francis MacDonald.   MIT:  54-915.   Details, Abstract.

4 - 6p.  "Nanoscale Silicon as an Optical Material."   Philippe M. Fauchet.   BU:  Photonics 210, 8 St. Mary's.   Details, Abstract.   Flyer.

4p.  "Role of the Hippocampus in Anxiety and Depression."   Rene Hen.   Brandeis:  Gerstenzang 121.   Details.

5p.  "CRISPR-Cas Systems in Bacterial Immune Evasion and Beyond."   David Weiss.   HMS:  Armenise Amphitheater.   Details.*

5:30p.  "The Human Gut Microbiota and Childhood Undernutrition: looking at human development from a microbial perspective."   Jeffrey Gordon.   Harvard:  Science Center B.   Details.

6p.  "The Coming Swarm: DDoS, Hacktivism, and Civil Disobedience on the Internet."   Molly Sauter.   An author's event.   HLS:  Wasserstein 2012.   Details, RSVP.

7p.  "Fat vs Sugar: The Culture of American Dieting."   HMS:  Armenise Auditorium.   Details.

October 30 - November 3.  "iGEM Jamboree."   (iGEM = The International Genetically Engineered Machine competition. Teams build systems that operate in living cells.)   Hynes Convention Center.   Details, Registration.

Thursday, October 30

10:30 - Noon.  "Early Explorers."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St, Mattapan.   Details, Registration.

9:15 - 12:30p.  "COMSOL 5.0 Workshop."   A demo of a proprietary physics simulator.   COMSOL, Inc., 1 New England Executive Park, Burlington.   Details, Registration.

10a.  " Digital Synesthesia: Using Mobile Technology to Interact with Our World."   A thesis defense.   Santiago Alfaro.   MIT:  Media Lab (E15) 341.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Biodiversity and Land Conservation at the Massachusetts Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program."   Patricia Swain, Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.   Tufts:  Lincoln Filene Center, Rabb Room, Medford Campus.   Details, Abstract.

Noon - 2p.  "Ebola: From the Front Lines."   A forum discussion.   BU:  Keefer Auditorium (Evans Building).   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  Two events.   "Memory Enhancement via Induction of Self-Referential Modes in Younger and Older Adults," by Jonathan Jackson, and "The Relationship Between Older Adults' Subjective Age and Cognitive Functioning," by Matthew Hughes.   Brandeis:  Rosenstiel 118.  Details.

Noon.  "Our Gut Microbiomes and Obesity: Establishing casual relationships (and remembering Robert Koch)."   Jeffrey Gordon.   Harvard:  Northwest B103, 52 Oxford St.   Details.

1p.  "Do it once, Do it right - Building a Scalable Predictive Modeling Platform for Healthcare Applications."   Jimeng Sun.   MIT:  Stata Center (32) D463.   Details, Abstract.

3:30 - 5:30p.  "Authorship in the Digital World: How to Make It Thrive."   A panel discussion.   Harvard:  Lamont Library, Forum Room.   Details, Registration.

4p.  "Ecology and Evolution of Bacterial Populations in the Wild."   Martin Polz.   Polz lab.   MIT:  Stata Center (32) 141.   Details.

4p.  "Ecosystem Tipping Points, Chemical Ecology, and the Death Spiral of Coral Reefs."   Mark Hay.   MIT:  48-316.   Details.

4p.  "Is it Worth It?  Dopamine Dynamics and the Value of Work."   Joshua D. Berke.   MIT:  Singleton Auditorium (46-3002).   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Organs on Chips."   Geraldine Hamilton.   Ramzi Cotran Conference Center, 75 Francis Street.   Details, Registration, Abstract.

4p.  "Quantum Mechanics and the Geometry of Spacetime."   Juan Maldacena.   MIT:  10-250.   Details.

4 - 5:30p.  "What Should We Do about Fossil Fuel CO2?"   Wally Broecker.   BU:  School of Management Auditorium, 595 Commonwealth Avenue.   Details.

4:30p.  "Autonomy’s Price: Choosing Not to Choose."   Cass R. Sunstein.   HMS:  Armenise Building, D Amphitheater, 210 Longwood Avenue.   Details, RSVP.*

5p.  "Science, Humanities and the Human Mind."   A conversation between Steven Pinker and Susanna Siegel.   Harvard:  Emerson 105.   Details.

5:30p.  "21st Century War: the Continuum of Pain and Other Sequelae."   Chester ‘Trip’ Buckenmaier III and Rollin M. Gallagher.   HMS:  Carl Walter Amphitheatre, Tosteson Medical Education Center, 260 Longwood Avenue.   Details, Registration.   Flyer.*

6p.  "Higgs."   Melissa Franklin.   Harvard Science Center D.   Details, Registration.

7p.  "The Bees and the Seas: Finding Similarities in Conservation Goals."   An author's event.   Noah Wilson-Rich and Randi Rotjan.   TED talk.   New England Aquarium:  IMAX Theater.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

7 - 9p.  "Ultimate Truths: Comparing Science and the Humanities."   A discussion.   MIT:  Stata Center (32) 123.   Details.

8p.  "From Orchids to Octopi: An Evolutionary Love Story."   Melinda Lopez.   Tufts:  Balch Arena Theater, 40 Talbot Ave.   Details, RSVP.

Friday, October 31

9:30 - 12:30p.  "The Sweet Side of Chemistry – Candy."   Museum of Science, Cahners Theater.   High school field trips only.   Details.

10:30a.  "Do it Once, Do it Right - Building a Scalable Predictive Modeling Platform for Healthcare Applications."   Jimeng Sun.   Northeastern:  Dana 442.   Details, Abstract.

11:45a.  "Mindful Games."   Wanda Gregory.   Northeastern:  Lake Hall 206.   Details.

Noon.  "Ice Age Puzzles."   George Denton.   BU:  CAS, 685 Commonwealth Ave, Rm 224.   Details.

Noon.  "Studying Aerosols, One Particle at a Time."   Jonathan Reid.   Harvard:  Pierce 100F.   Details.

Noon.  "Translating Human Microbiome Research to Achieve Healthier Societies: The nexus of food, agriculture and nutrition."   Jeffrey I. Gordon.   Harvard:  Bio labs 1080, 16 Divinity Ave.   Details.

7p.  "Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?   A Neuroscientific View of the Zombie Brain."   An author's event.   Timothy Verstynen.   Harvard Book Store, 1256 Massachusetts Ave.   Details, Summary.

Saturday, November 1

10 - 11:30p.  "Early Birds."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St.   Details, Registration.

1 - 3p.  "Kids Maker Series."   Terry Murray.   Mystic Activity Center parking lot, 530 Mystic Ave, Somerville.   Details.

2 - 3:30p.  "Magnificient Leaves."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St.   Details, Registration.

10 - Noon.  "Grow Your Own Mushrooms."   City Natives, 30 Edgewater Drive, Mattapan.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

5:30 - 7p.  "Stargazing with EAPS."   Sixth Floor of Buildsing 37.  Details.

Sunday, November 2

Noon.  "The History Of Water Treatment."   Marcus Kempe, Executive Director.   Waterworks Museum, 2450 Beacon St.   Details, Summary.

1p & 4 p.  "The Sweet Side of Chemistry - Candy."   Bassam Shakhashiri.   Museum of Science, Cahners Theater.   Details.

5p.  "Sleep & Biological Rhythms."   A Meetup.   MIT 5th Floor Conference room. 43 Vassar St.   Details.

November 3 - 9.  "Boston Data Festival."   Thomson Reuters, 22 Thomson Place.   Details, Registration.

Monday, November 3

Noon - 1:30p.  "How Important is Energy Storage for Decarbonization?"   David Keith.   HKS:  Bell Hall, 5th Floor, Belfer Building.   Details.

Noon.  "The Neurobiology of the Memory for Sequences of Events: A synergistic approach in rats and humans."   Norbert Fortin.   BU:  2 Cummington Mall, Room 109.   Details.

12:10p.  "Adaptation, Convergence, and the Evolution of Weediness: the Case of Red Rice."   Ana Caicedo.   Caicedo lab.   Arnold Arboretum, Weld Hill Lecture Hall.   Details.

1p.  "Investigating 'Normal': Art, Design, and Adaptive Technologies."   Sara Hendren.   MIT:  Stata Center (32) 144.   Details, Abstract.

2 - 5:30p.  "Program in Genetics and Genomics Annual Symposium."   HMS:  Goldenson 122.   Details.*

4:15p.  "Building Stories: Speculation and Reconstruction in Contemporary Mumbai."   Vyjayanthi Rao.   Harvard:  Tozzer 203, 21 Divinity Avenue.   Details.

4:30 - 6p.  "Environmental Dynamics of Human Evolution."   Richard Potts.   MIT:  2-105,   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "Social Dinner and Social Media - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Beautiful!"   Stephanie Hatch Leishman.   Gran Gusto, 90 Sherman Street, Cambridge.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6p.  "Unique Biometric ID: Creating a Large Scale Digital Ecosystem Using the Aadhaar Experience."   Nandan Nilekani.   Harvard:  CGIS S010, Tsai Auditorium, 1730 Cambridge Street.   Details.

7p.  "The Abyss."   A Coolidge Science on Screen event.  Graham Shimmield will discuss issues raised by the movie.   Coolidge Corner Theater, 290 Harvard St, Brookline.   Details, Tickets.

7p.  "Emulsions and Foams."   Christina Tosi.   Harvard:  Science Center C.  Details.

Tuesday, November 4

9 - 5.  "Neurotech 2014."   A symposium.   MIT:  Singleton Auditorium (46-3002).   Details, Registration.

10 - 1p.  "A Practical Introduction to Islamic Geometric Design."   Eric Broug.   MIT:  E25-117.   Details, Register.

Noon.  "At Play in the Garden of Eating: Insights from carnivorous plants and the ants they eat."   Aaron Ellison.   Harvard Herbarium, 22 Divinity Ave.   Details.

4:30 - 6p.  "Communicable Disease Dynamics."   Marc Lipsitch.   MIT:  E19-623.   Details.

7p.  "Marine Conservation Action Fund: Supporting Coral Reefs in India and Coastal Dolphins in Pakistan."   Rohan Arthur and Gill Braulik.   New England Aquarium:  IMAX Theater.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

7p.  "Steven & Susan Pinker @ the COOP."   A double author's event.   Harvard Coop, Level 3, 1400 Massachusetts Ave.   Details.

Wednesday, November 5

Noon.   "Chocolate Use and Exchange in the Prehispanic American Southwest."   Patty Crown.   Harvard:  Tozzer 203, 21 Divinity Ave.   Details.

Noon.  "Networks in Neuroscience: A Statistical Perspective."   Eric Kolaczyk.   BU:  Center for Systems Neuroscience, 24 Cummington Street, Room B01.   Details.

12:15p.   "The Pet Obesity Epidemic."   Lisa Freeman and Deborah Linder.   Tufts:  Jaharis, Behrakis Auditorium.   Details.

3:45 - 5p.  "Atmospheric Evolution on the Early Earth."   David Catling.   MIT:  Green Building (54) 915.   Details, Overview..

4p.  "Life, Death and Geology in Algal-Bacterial Interaction."   Einat Segev.   MIT:  Parsons lab (48-315), 15 Vassar St.   Details.

4p.  "Networking at the Speed of Light."   P. Brighten Godfrey.   MIT:  Stata Center, Patil/Kiva (32-G449).   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Programmable DNA Compartments as Artificial Cells on a Chip."   Roy Bar-Ziv.   Harvard:  Sherr Room, Fay House, 10 Garden St.  Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Training Mind and Heart: Integrating first- and third-person methods in the study of behavioral and brain plasticity."   Tania Singer.   Harvard:  WJH Auditorium 1 (Basement).   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Wearable Robotics for a Sustainable Ageing."   Nicola Vitiello.   Harvard:  Pierce 209.   Details.

5p.  "Global Reproduction: Health, Law, and Human Rights in Surrogacy and Egg Donation."   A screening and a panel discussion.   Background reading.   HLS:  Wasserstein 1010.   Details.

6p.  "Developing Targeted Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders."   Susan Faja.   MIT:  Singleton Auditorium (46-3002).   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Ebola: Mutations, Markeys, and the Military."   A forum discussion.   Tufts:  ASEAN Auditorium.   Details.

6:30p.  "Great Expectations: The Large Hadron Collider 2015."   Tulika Bose.   Belmont Media Center, 9 Lexington St, Belmont.   Details, Abstract.

7p.  "Fracking: How cheap energy is reshaping America's environment."   HMS:  Armenise Auditorium.   Details.

7 - 9p.  "Sleep, Memory, and Dreams: How Your Brain Keeps Working All Night."   Robert Stickgold.   Museum of Science, Cahners Theater.   Details, Registration.

Thursday, November 6

10:30 - Noon.  "Early Explorers."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St, Mattapan.   Details, Registration.

Noon.  "Invasive species: Causes, consequences, and solutions."   Rebecca Irwin.   Tufts:  Lincoln Filene Center, Rabb Room.   Details, Abstract.

Noon.  "Tracing the Origin and Transmission of the 2014 Ebola Outbreak by Virus Deep Sequencing from 78 Patients."   Rachel Sealfon.   MIT:  E51-325.   Details, Abstract.

1:30p.  "Results Day: Harvard Yard Archaeology Project."   Harvard Yard outside Matthews Hall.   Details.

4 - 6p.  "Cell Recognition and the Assembly of Neural Circuits."   Larry Zipursky.   McGovern Institute:  Singleton Auditorium (46-3002).   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Games, Networks, and People."   Michael Kearns.   Harvard:  Maxwell Dworkin G115.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Optical Tweezers: Gene Regulation, Studied One Molecule at a Time."   Steven Block.   MIT:  10-250.   Details, Abstract.

5 - 7p.  "Catastrophic Risks: The Downsides of Advancing Technology."   Martin Rees.  With panel discussion.   Harvard:  Jefferson 250.   Details, Abstract.

6p.  "American Canopy."   Eric Rutkow.   An Author's event.   Arnold Arboretum, Hunnewell Bldg.   Details, Abstract, Registration.

6p.  "Beautiful and Deadly: The Arts of War."   Steven A. LeBlanc.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford St.   Details, Abstract.

7 - 9p.  "The Science of Fright."   MIT Museum.   Details.

7 - 9p.  "The Genomics of Ebola."   Rachel Sealfon.   MIT:  E51-325.   Details, Abstract.

7p.  "Viruses: Threats in a Tiny Package."   John Connor.   Robbins Library, 700 Mass Ave, Arlington.   Details, Abstract.

Friday, November 7

8:30a.  "Natural Products in the Human Gut: The biology and biosynthesis of a small-molecule toxin made by E. coli."   Carolyn Brotherton.   Harvard:  Haller Hall, 24 Oxford St.   Details.

Noon.  "Illuminating Touch: Mechanosensory mechanisms in epidermal touch receptors."   Ellen Lumpkin.   Brandeis:  Gerstenzang 121.   Details.

3p.  "Polymer Membranes for Large-Scale Energy Conversion and Storage."   Michael Hickner.   BU:  Room 205, 8 St. Mary’s Street.   Details, Abstract.

4p.  "Internal and External Sensory Systems."   Steve Liberles.   MIT:  Singleton Auditorium (46-3002).   Details.

November 8 - 9.  "Hacking at Music Hack Day."   Microsoft NERD, 1 Memorial Drive.   Details, Registration, Overview.

Saturday, November 8

10:30 - Noon.  "Exploring Science Together: Plants!"   Wendy Derjue-Holzer, Education Director.   Harvard Museum of Natural History, 26 Oxford St.   Details, Abstract.

1 - 3p.  "Kids Maker Series."   Terry Murray.   Capuano School, 150 Glenn Street, Somerville.   Details.

9:30 - 3p.  "Greater Boston Area Statistical Mechanics Meeting."   Brandeis:  Lemberg Academic Center, first floor.   Details, Registration.

2p.  "Eight Extraordinary Years of Scientific Travel: Alfred Russel Wallace's Malay Archipelago."   Andrew Berry .   Harvard Museum of Natural History, Haller Hall, 26 Oxford.   Details, Abstract.

Sunday, November 9

3 - 6p.  "Demo session for Music Hack Day."   Microsoft NERD, One Memorial Drive.   Details, Registration.

Monday, November 10

12:15 - 2:15p.  "'I can Feel the Mafia But I Can’t See It': An Anthropology of Forensic Knowledge."   Naor Ben-Yehoyada.   Harvard:  Pierce 100F, 29 Oxford St.   Details.

4:15p.  "Uploading for the Dead: Cyberancestors, Mazatec Muertos Music, and 'Digital Activism' in Mexico."   Paja Faudree.   Harvard:  Tozzer 203, 21 Divinity Ave.   Details.

7p.  "Where is the Acid?"   Daniel Humm, Eleven Madison Park.   Harvard:  Science Center C.  Details.

Wednesday, November 12

Noon.  "Molecular Basis of Progression in Alzheimer’s Disease."   Bradley T. Hyman.   BUSM:  72 East Concord St., Room L-110.   Details.

Noon.  "The Maps Inside your Head."   Vijay Balasubramanian.   BU:  Center for Systems Neuroscience, 2 Cummington Mall, Room 109.   Details.

Noon.  "Trade and the Role of Weights in the Third Millennium BC."   Lorenz Rahmstorf.   Harvard:  Tozzer 203.   Details.

3:30 - 5p.  "What do Astrocytes do?"   Ben Barres.   HMS:  Armenise Amphitheater.   Details.*

4p.  "Getting Memories and Emotions to the Hippocampus: What is the Anatomy?"   Ray Guillery.   McGovern:  46-3189.  Details.

4p.  "Programming Is not Just Coding."   Leslie Lamport.   MIT:  Stata Center, Kirsch Auditorium (32-123).   Details, Abstract.

4 - 5:30p.  "Who Builds a Skyscraper without Drawing Blueprints?"   Leslie Lamport.   MIT:  Stata Center, Kirsch Auditorium (32-123).   Details, Abstract.

7p.  "More than a Messenger: The Secret Life of RNA."   HMS:  Armenise Theater, 200 Longwood Ave.   Details.

Thursday, November 13

10:30 - Noon.  "Early Explorers."   Boston Nature Center, 500 Walk Hill St, Mattapan.   Details, Registration.

4p.  "How’s Your Sleep? The Answer Might Surprise You."   Matt T. Bianchi.   BWH:  Shapiro Breakout Room, 70 Francis St.   Details.

4p.  "Integrating Chemistry and Evolution to Illuminate and Program Biology."   David Liu.   Liu Group.   MIT:  32-141.   Details.

6p.  "Mummies, Mildews, Manna, and Mosses: Four Kingdoms under One Roof."   Donald Pfister.   Harvard Museum of Natural History, 26 Oxford St.   Details.

7p.  "Penguins as Ocean Sentinels: What Penguins Are Telling Us."   P. Dee Boersma.   New England Aquarium:  Simons IMAX Theater.   Details, Registration, Summary.

November 14 - 16.  "athenahealth More Disruption Please Hackthon."   Details, Abstract, Application.   More Details.

Friday, November 14

8a.  "Lost and Found: A Science Symposium about Navigation."   Harvard:  Knafel Center, 10 Garden St.   Details, Registration.

3p.  "The Role of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Addressing the World’s Energy Challenges."   James Dickerson.   BU:  8 St. Mary's, Rm 205.  Details.

5 - 8p.  "Always Connected - The Promise of Wearable Technology."   MIT Museum, 265 Massachusetts Ave.   Details.

Saturday, November 15

10a.  "Optics."   MIT:  Kresge Auditorium.   Details.

1 - 3p.  "Kids Maker Series."   Terry Murray.   Clarendon Hill parking lot, 268 Powerhouse Blvd., Somerville.   Details.

2p.  "Capturing Birds of Prey with Pencil and Paper."   Erica Beade.   Harvard Museum of Natural History, 26 Oxford St.   Details, Registration.

9:30 - Noon.  "Mammals: A Sketching Workshop."   Erica Beade.   Harvard Museum of Natural History, 26 Oxford St.   Details, Registration.

1p.  "The Art and Science of the Unfeathered Bird."   Katrina van Grouw.   An author's event.   Harvard Museum of Natural History, Haller Hall, 26 Oxford St.   Details, Abstract.

Sunday, November 16

Noon.  "Water Supplies At Risk."   Marcus Kempe, Executive Director.   Waterworks Museum, 2450 Beacon St.   Details, Summary.

Monday, November 17

4p.  "Indirect Detection of Dark Matter with Gamma Rays."   Simina Murgia.   MIT:  Kolker Rm (26-414).   Details, Abstract.

4:15p.  "1,000,000 Years of Music: The Emergence of Human Modernity."   Gary Tomlinson.   Harvard:  Loeb Music Library, Davison Room (2nd flr).   Details.

4:30 - 6p.  "The Next Front in Protecting Global Health."   Samuel Myers.   MIT:  2-105.   Details, Abstract.

Tuesday, November 18

Noon.  "Time Travel through Evolving Metabolic Systems."   Jing-Ke Weng.   Harvard:  Herbaria 125, 22 Divinity Ave.   Details.

4p.  "Tumor Cells Have Lots of Help During Metastasis."   Richard O. Hynes.   MIT:  Stata Center (32) 123.   Details.

4:30p.  "The Roots of Technological Controvery: Genetically Modified Crops in Africa."   Calestous Juma.   MIT:  E19-623.  Details.

5p.  "Death and Diversity in Civil War Medicine."   Margaret Humphreys.   HMS:  Countway Library of Medicine, Lahey Room (fifth floor), 10 Shattuck St.   Details, Registration.*

6p.  "Protecting the Ash Tree: Wabanaki Diplomacy and Sustainability Science in Maine."   Darren Ranco.   Harvard:  Geological Lecture Hall, 24 Oxford St.   Details, Overview.

6:30p.  "Creating Public Doubt about Scientific Facts."   Naomi Oreskes.   Belmont Media Center, 9 Lexington, Belmont.   Details.

6:30 - 8:30p.  "What will the Power Grid Look Like 50 Years From Now?"   Brian Hult.   Constant Contact, Reservoir Place, 1601 Trapelo Road, Waltham.   Details, Registration.

Wednesday, November 19

9:30a.  "Psychiatric Genetics and Nosology: Drawing Lines in the Sand."   Jordan Smoller.   McLean:  Belmont campus, de Marneffe 218.   Details.

Noon.  "Legend, History, and Archaeology: Vietnam’s Ancient Settlement of Co Loa."   Nam Kim.   Harvard:  Tozzer 203, 21 Divinity Ave.   Details.

4p.  "The Origins of Cellular Life."   Jack Szostak.   Szoztak lab.   Harvard:  Haller Hall (Geological Museum 102), 24 Oxford St.   Details, Abstract.

6 - 8p.  "Considerations for Virtual Bookshelves: Mechanisms for Discovery, Reading, and Serendipity."   Dan Cohen.   Harvard:  Barker 128.  Details.

6:30p.  "Security in Development."   Jeff Schiller.   MIT:  E51-325.   Details.

7p.  "A Tale of Two New Varicams."   Michael Bergeron and Gregger Jones, Panasonic System Communications.   Rule Boston Camera, 395 Western Avenue.   Details.

7p.  "The Physics of Evolution: Equations shed new light on Nature's mysteries."   HMS:  Armenise Theater, 200 Longwood Ave.   Details.

Thursday, November 20

4p.  "Understanding Dopamine Neuron Connectivity: Passion and Prudence."   Susan Sesack.   MIT:  Singleton Auditorium (46-3002).   Details.

7:30p.  " Starlight Detectives."   An author's event.   Alan Hirshfeld.   Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics:  Phillips Auditorium, 60 Garden St.   Details.

Friday, November 21

9a.  "The Road Ahead: The Future of transportation and mobility."   A forum.   MIT:  Media Lab (E14) - 6th flr.   Details, Program, Registration.

Saturday, November 22

1 - 3p.  "Kids Maker Series."   Terry Murray.   Clarendon Hill parking lot, 268 Powerhouse Blvd., Somerville.   Details.

Sunday, November 23

10 - 3p.  "Math Day with MITxplore."   MIT Media lab.   Details, Register.

Monday, November 24

8:15a.  "Shaking It Up: how to thrive in – and change – the research ecosystem."   Microsoft NERD, Horace Mann Room, One Memorial Drive.   Details, Registration.

Tuesday, November 25

12:30p.   "Unpacking Open Data: power, politics and the influence of infrastructures."   A Berkman Luncheon.   Tim Davies.   Webcast details.   Podcast details.   RSVP required for lunch.   Harvard: Berkman Center for the Internet and Society, 23 Everett St, 2nd Flr.   Details, RSVP, Summary.

Friday, November 28

1 - 4p.  "Chain Reaction."   MIT:  Rockwell Cage Gymnasium, 120 Vassar St.   Details.

*Admission to Harvard's medical area buildings often (but, confusingly, not always) requires ID issued by a "Harvard Medical School Affiliate".  A list of these institutions can be consulted here.  Persons interested in events in the medical area that are not explicitly public, that have sponsors with whom they have no experience, and who are unsure if their ID will guarantee access, might want to email the contact person cited in the details page and ask.  Inquiries directed at the HMS Dept of Genetics should be emailed to (or 617-432-7666) at least one day before the event.  Events in the medical area that do not carry an asterisk seem to me willing to accept the unaffiliated.