There are at least two other lists carrying calendars for Boston area lectures on science and engineering.  One is maintained by George Mokray; you can sign up to receive his mailings by dropping a note to   Another is by David Nunez, who compiles an events list for the members of the Dorkbot Boston GoogleGroup.   The New England Model Engineering Society maintains an interesting list of things to see in New England.   And of course there are several calendars organized with professionals in mind, which despite that restriction often carry events of general interest.  Those that I know about are listed below.  

-- Fred Hapgood


Tuesday Cosmology Seminars

Biology Calendar   Details   List signup

Boston Area Philosophy Calendar. Mailing list

Boston Area Neuroscience Group Mailing list

Boston-Neurotalks Calendar

Boston Area Neuroscience & Cognitive Science Talks

Harvard Medical Community Events Calendar

Computational Research in Boston

Joint Mathematics Colloquium

Greater Boston Area Theoretical Chemistry Lecture Series

Boston Area Yeast Meeting

Robotics-Related Events

Boston Society of Cognitive Science

George Mokray's Energy (and other) Events