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Humanizing Machines, Mechanizing Humans
Computational Neuroscience and its Paradoxes     Summary    Full Text
Transhumanism: Implementation Cruft     Summary    Full text
The Artificial Retina Project
and the Consciousness Driver
    Summary    Full Text
Reverse Engineering the Brain     Summary    Full Text
The Virtualization of Biology     Summary    Full Text
Robots with Stomachs     Summary    Full Text
Hominid Robots     Summary    Full Text

The Underground (a special interest)
The Invention of the Tunnel Boring Machine     Summary    Full Text
The Colonization of the Underground     Summary    Full Text
Underground Montreal     Summary    Full Text
Microtunneling     Summary    Full Text

Nature & Science
Clouds: a pilgrimage into the sky     Summary    Full text
Metamaterials     Summary    Full text

The Microturbine     Summary    Full Text
Floating Cities as a Response to Climate Change     Summary    Full Text

Technological Speculations
The Ecological Immune System     Summary    Full text
Green Yuppies & Outer Space.     Summary    Full text

Public Policy
Building World Governance     Summary    Full Text
The Upside of Deflation     Summary    Full Text

Waterfire     Summary    Full Text

NSG Meeting Announcements     Summary    Archive


A fabulous Bread Recipe

A selection of science and technology lectures in the Boston area

A Party Liability Release


Floating cities have a serious giggle problem.   They reek of ray guns
and flying saucers and invisibility cloaks.   Still, they might be the most
practical response to climate change.   An opinion piece.  Full Text.

Physics is comprised of two great kingdoms of stuff: one whose interactions are
defined by electrons and electron shells, and one defined by photons.  
Gradually we are learning how to erase that distinction.   Many interesting
possibilities present themselves, including invisibility cloaks.   Originally
published in the April 09 issue of Discover.   Full text.

Today the distinction between the living and the dead, between humans and
machines, is being eroded from several directions at once.   One is of
course the artifactualization of the human body.   A second is the
homidization of robots.   The text, from Discover magazine, examines this
second trend.

Today, after forty years of research, computers cannot see -- in the sense
of recognizing what they are looking at -- a tenth as well as pigeons.
Perhaps it is time to start copying the brain directly.  Originally
published in the July/August 2006 issue of Technology ReviewFull text.

Sooner or later the art of building computational models in software
is going to raise some delicate issues. Originally published in the summer 2005
issue of Cerebrum, the magazine of brain science.  Full text.

You can't build an artificial retina without a consciousness driver.
But how do you build that? Originally published in the Summer 04
issue of
Cerebrum, published by the Dana Foundation.
Full text.

One of the core Transhumanist ideas is converting minds
into network devices. The devil is in the details.
Originally published in the February 2005 issue of
Full text.

The History of the Tunnel Boring Machine. 
Originally published in the Fall 2004 issue
American Heritage of Invention and Technology.
Full text.

The International E. coli Alliance is planning the
biggest project in the history of biology: the
simulation of a working biological organism down
to the smallest detail of biochemical significance.
Originally published in the Sept. 2003 issue of
Full text.

How Providence RI found its rivers.   Originally
published in the May 2002 issue of
Full text.

The Next Internet: Networking devices, applications,
and objects.  Originally published in the May 1, 2002
issue of
CIO magazine. Full text.

The ups and downs of managing a thousand million
million bytes of storage.   Originally published in
the Oct 15, 2002 issue of
CIO magazine.  Full text.

A power plant in a collar button.  Originally
published in the July 2002 issue of
Full text.

How to help build the new order.   A paper for a
publication by the J.M. Kaplan Foundation. 
Full text.

Why not build a robot that powers itself like a goat?
Originally published in the July 2000 issue of
Smithsonian magazine.  Full text.

Biotech's low entry costs make it essential that we start
building an ecological immune system yesterday.
Originally published in the April/May 2000 issue of
Civilization magazine.  Full text.

If our robots are going to explore space for us,
what reasons remain for us to go ourselves?
Originally published in several forms online, including
The Space DailyFull text.

The history and society, art and science, of fair
weather clouds.   Originally published in the
May 1994 issue of
Smithsonian magazine.  Full text.

An argument for basing prosperity theory and social
welfare policy on falling prices instead of rising wages.
Two versions of the text are here.   The
which was carved out of the longer, was published
in the January 1996
Wired, (4.02).

The Past, Present, and Future of the World's Largest
Underground City. (Originally published in
March 1998.) 
Full text.

Sailing simulators are not just a tool for designers;
they give sailors a way to see what has been
happening out on the water all these years.
(Originally published in the
Dartmouth Alumni
, Sept. 98). 
Full text.

A meta-technology that evaluates every other
agricultural technique or tool, from seed choice to
field geometries.   Farming will never be the
same.   (Originally published in
Inc. Technology Sept. 95)
Full text.

Civil Engineering -- public works -- is one of
the few technological sectors in which the
United States chronically lags other industrialized
countries. Sometimes new things happen regardless.
A case study. (Originally published in
Inc. Technology,
June 1995) Full text.

Over the last several years interested parties
have met at a restaurant in Cambridge to discuss
emerging issues in this new technology. 

Selected topics

Colonizing Sub-Urbia: the real Down Under.
Originally published in
Wired April 2003. Full text.

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